Rental Rates

SUP Rentals include board, paddle, leash (if requested) and delivery/pickup

Rental fees are 100% transferable when you make the incredibly lucid decision to purchase your own Naish SUP from Lake Effect Outfitters.

Free demos are available for souls we deem worthy and plan to entice, cajole or simply pester into buying a board from us…

Daily: $60

3 Day: $130

5 Day: $175

Weekly: $225

Multi Board Discounts Available

Full Rental Fee & Damage Deposit Due at Rental Inception

Call us today: 231-237-4647

Visa & Mastercard accepted


2 Responses to Rental Rates

  1. Beth La Fleur says:

    Hi, I’m interested in renting a paddle board while visiting my parents on Torch Lake in 2 weeks. Any chance you have a board or 2 available for July 15-19th? What size/style? I’m about 125 lbs but the other users will be my husband (180) and my dad (about 170 probably). Would you be able to deliver to the east side of Torch Lake, about 6 miles south of the north end?

    • Hi Beth,

      Thank you for thinking of us. July is very busy but if my schedule is accurate I will have two boards coming back on the 14th of July. If this customer does not extend the rental then: YES! We would love to set you up with two Naish Nalu 11’6″ SUP’s. You will find photos and info on our site. Or check out for more info about these fine boards.

      You can reach me at 772-486-1667 or email


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